Class yii\console\ErrorHandler

继承yii\console\ErrorHandler » yii\base\ErrorHandler » yii\base\Component » yii\base\BaseObject

ErrorHandler handles uncaught PHP errors and exceptions.

ErrorHandler is configured as an application component in yii\base\Application by default. You can access that instance via Yii::$app->errorHandler.



$behaviors yii\base\Behavior[] 附加到此组件的行为列表. yii\base\Component
$discardExistingOutput boolean Whether to discard any existing page output before error display. yii\base\ErrorHandler
$exception Exception|null The exception that is being handled currently. yii\base\ErrorHandler
$memoryReserveSize integer The size of the reserved memory. yii\base\ErrorHandler



__call() 调用不是类方法的指定的方法. yii\base\Component
__clone() 在通过克隆现有对象创建对象之后调用此方法. yii\base\Component
__construct() 构造函数. yii\base\BaseObject
__get() 返回组件属性的值. yii\base\Component
__isset() 检查属性是否已设置, 即已定义且不为null. yii\base\Component
__set() 设置组件属性的值. yii\base\Component
__unset() 将组件属性设置为null. yii\base\Component
attachBehavior() 将行为附加到此组件. yii\base\Component
attachBehaviors() 将行为列表附加到组件. yii\base\Component
behaviors() 返回此组件应该具有的行为列表. yii\base\Component
canGetProperty() 返回一个值, 指示属性是否可读取. yii\base\Component
canSetProperty() 返回一个值, 指示属性是否可设置. yii\base\Component
className() 返回此类的完全限定名称. yii\base\BaseObject
clearOutput() Removes all output echoed before calling this method. yii\base\ErrorHandler
convertExceptionToError() Converts an exception into a PHP error. yii\base\ErrorHandler
convertExceptionToString() Converts an exception into a simple string. yii\base\ErrorHandler
convertExceptionToVerboseString() Converts an exception into a string that has verbose information about the exception and its trace. yii\base\ErrorHandler
detachBehavior() 从组件中分离一个行为. yii\base\Component
detachBehaviors() 分离组件中的所有行为. yii\base\Component
ensureBehaviors() 确保在 behaviors() 中声明的行为已附加到此组件. yii\base\Component
getBehavior() 返回指定的行为对象. yii\base\Component
getBehaviors() 返回附加到此组件的所有行为. yii\base\Component
handleError() Handles PHP execution errors such as warnings and notices. yii\base\ErrorHandler
handleException() Handles uncaught PHP exceptions. yii\base\ErrorHandler
handleFatalError() Handles fatal PHP errors. yii\base\ErrorHandler
handleHhvmError() Handles HHVM execution errors such as warnings and notices. yii\base\ErrorHandler
hasEventHandlers() 返回一个值, 指示是否有任何处理程序附加到指定的事件. yii\base\Component
hasMethod() 返回一个值, 指示方法是否已定义. yii\base\Component
hasProperty() 返回一个值, 指示属性是否已定义. yii\base\Component
init() 初始化对象. yii\base\BaseObject
logException() Logs the given exception. yii\base\ErrorHandler
off() 从该组件分离现有的事件处理程序. yii\base\Component
on() 将事件处理程序附加到事件. yii\base\Component
register() Register this error handler. yii\base\ErrorHandler
trigger() 触发事件. yii\base\Component
unregister() Unregisters this error handler by restoring the PHP error and exception handlers. yii\base\ErrorHandler



formatMessage() Colorizes a message for console output. yii\console\ErrorHandler
handleFallbackExceptionMessage() Handles exception thrown during exception processing in handleException(). yii\base\ErrorHandler
renderException() Renders an exception using ansi format for console output. yii\console\ErrorHandler


formatMessage() protected 方法

Colorizes a message for console output.

参见 yii\helpers\Console::ansiFormat() for details on how to specify the message format.

protected string formatMessage ( $message, $format = [\yii\helpers\Console::FG_RED, \yii\helpers\Console::BOLD] )
$message string

The message to colorize.

$format array

The message format.

return string

The colorized message.

renderException() protected 方法

Renders an exception using ansi format for console output.

protected void renderException ( $exception )
$exception Exception

The exception to be rendered.